Programme Overview

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Little Rangers (ages 7 – 12)

A fitting programme to introduce your children to the competitive world of Silat

Conducted by the World Champ himself, the SSA Little Rangers Programme is where your children can develop greater self-esteem, discipline and leadership skills while learning self-defence in a fun-filled learning environment.

With special emphasis on individualised training sessions to cater to every child's learning pace, the skills taught progress only when the student demonstrates the readiness to accept more complex skills. Your children will become more disciplined as they overcome each skill level. With the accomplishment of each level, their self-confidence will grow, and the skills learnt will serve as building blocks in their development.


Apart from learning self-defence moves in a fun-filled environment, the programme will also help to:
  • Build Greater Self-Esteem
  • Instill Discipline
  • Develop Leadership Skills