Programme Overview

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Teen Rangers (ages 13 -17)

A rigorous programme to build your adolescent children’s physical, mental and emotional defences as they enter the challenging world of adulthood

Teenagers are a group of very occupied people who face a lot of stress in their everyday lives. Their health and level of fitness can get adversely affected as a result. At SSA, we have had a range of teenage students—from the very fit to those who are in need of help to get them into shape. Our Teen Rangers programme is suitable for this group of people because our lessons are designed to suit our students’ individual needs. Our instructors assess each student’s fitness level and then plan the lessons to suit the students’ ability. When the students show the readiness to tackle more complex moves, the instructors will introduce more challenging lessons to allow the students to progress to a new fitness level. As the students advance in their training, they will learn to push their limits, have greater self-belief and develop a positive attitude.


Apart from learning self-defence moves in a fun-filled environment, the programme will also help to:
  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Fitness
  • Manage Stress
  • Self-Motivate
  • Develop Leadership Skills