Programme Overview

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Tiny Rangers (ages 3.5 – 6)

The perfect programme to jump start your tiny tots’ journey into the exhilarating world of martial arts

Fast-paced, fun-filled classes are approximately 60 minutes long. The lessons emphasise on developing motor and social skills based on each child’s learning pace. Classes become more challenging as the child demonstrates the readiness to accept more complex skills. Students will begin to grasp the concept of self-discipline as they achieve goals. When they tackle more difficult goals, their self-confidence will grow and it will serve as a strong foundation in all aspects of life, be it the academic or the social. Our programme is the perfect choice for your pre-schooler because it has the perfect blend of fun and education.


Apart from learning basic moves in a fun-filled environment, the programme will also help to:
  • Build Confidence
  • Increase Attention Span
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Decrease Parent-Child Separation Anxiety
  • Increase Hand-Eye Coordination and Motor Skills