About Us


Our Vision: To be the leading Silat school in Singapore, and to bring the practice of Silat overseas.

Our Mission: To groom and mentor students who are confident, strong and equipped with skills to tackle the challenges of the present and future. We want to produce future leaders who can lead and inspire others with their tenacity, discipline and determination.

Our Core Values:

Excellence in Customer Service. Our clients are our Business, and we aim to serve to the upmost of our ability and provide quality services.

Lasting Persistence. We are results-oriented, and will persevere to become the best and make our students the Champions that they can become. We will not be daunted by setbacks.

Integrity. We will carry out our dealings with honesty and sincerity so that we can honour our company’s principles, clients and our families.

Teamwork. We function as a group, cooperating and coordinating to achieve common goals and to give our best to our clients.

Education with a Difference. We aim to provide personalised services in an environment conducive for learning so that every student can explore and reach their potential at a pace that is right for them.